Read each question carefully and choose the best answer from the five answers given.


a. Chick is to hen as___ is to___

  1. child : mother
  2. son : father
  3. feathers : skin
  4. egg : food
  5. daughter : adult

The relationship between chick and hen is the same as between child and mother. A is therefore the correct answer and should be marked next to example a on the screen.

b. Which word fits in least with the other four?

  1. leaves
  2. trunk
  3. roots
  4. branches
  5. sunlight

The first four words all describe a tree. Sunlight does not fit in with the others, therefore E is the correct answer.

c. Complete so as to obtain a logical sequence:
hammer : hit : nail
axe: ___ : ___

  1. wood : table
  2. chop : wood
  3. sharp : handle
  4. tree : bark
  5. saw : meat

d. What fits in best with ink?

  1. files
  2. pages
  3. paper
  4. pen
  5. book

e. If a girl is carrying a case with books, where is she most probably

  1. shop
  2. theater
  3. school
  4. workshop
  5. sports ground

This test consists of 25 questions. Work as quickly as possible. If you cannot answer a question, go on to the next one.