Test 7E Spatial Visualization (3D)

The test consists of three sections.

Two blocks are placed next to each other and fastened together by means of a hinge (the thick line denotes the hinge). The block marked with a dot does not move. Swing the other block over at the hinge so that the cross ends up covering the dot. Now look at the five answer options to find the figure that represents what the blocks will look like when their position has been changed as described.

Example a

In the example, the blocks will look like Figure A when the block with the cross has been swung over so that the cross covers the dot on the other block.

The figures are solid objects of different shapes and sizes. Among the five answer options, find the figure that can be built by placing the objects in the left-hand frame right against each other.

Example b

In the example figure B can be built from the objects in the frame on the left.

Example c


In Section 3 a figure (solid block) is given in the frame on the left. One of the figures in frames A, B, C, D and E on the right will look exactly the same as the figure on the left if mentally rotated in a certain direction.

The three sides which cannot be seen in the figure on the left have no marks on them.

Example d

Find which of the five figures on the right, after being rotated in a certain direction, will look exactly like the figure in the frame on the left. Only figure C will look exactly like the figure on the left. Therefore C is the answer.

This test consists of 25 questions. Work as quickly as possible. If you cannot answer a question, go on to the next one.